Intensive English Program in the US

WAL’s Intensive English Program provides instruction for beginners and advanced learners in all language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. This program is designed primarily for F-1 visa students who wish to improve their English for jobs at home or for academic study in the United States. Even if you do not have an F-1 student visa, you are welcome to contact an advisor about admission to this program. The length of study depends on several factors: your entry placement, your future plans and the length of time you can stay in the United States. Students are required to attend the entire five-week session, and each level requires two sessions (10 weeks) to complete.

Our seven levels

We offer English language instruction at seven different levels, to ensure we’re meeting the needs of all students. After taking a placement test, you can enroll in one of our Intensive course levels:

  • Novice (Level 0): a basic introductory course to English. This course is especially designed for students who come from a primary language background that uses a non-Roman alphabet.
  • Beginner A/B (Level 1): a basic course in English writing and grammar (Reading and Writing) and listening and speaking for non-native speakers of English.
  • Elementary A/B (Level 2): a two-part beginning course in English composition and grammar (Reading and Writing) and conversation-based speaking and listening skills (Listening and Speaking) for non-native speakers of English.
  • Intermediate A/B (Level 3): a lower intermediate course for increasing reading and writing skills through vocabulary development and grammar practice (Reading and Writing) and a conversation-based course to further develop listening comprehension and speaking skills through the study of American English (Listening and Speaking).
  • High Intermediate A/B (Level 4): a strong intermediate level in reading and writing skills (Reading and Writing) and a conversation-based discussion course (Listening and Speaking).
  • College Preparation I (Level 5): a course designed to help high-intermediate learners fine-tune advanced grammar skills and prepare them for reading and writing assignments in an academic program (Reading and Writing) and improve listening and speaking skills in preparation for an academic program (Listening and Speaking).
  • College Preparation II (Level 6): a course designed to help advanced learners of English master grammar and refine the academic writing, research, and critical thinking skills needed for success in an academic program (Reading and Writing) and improve reading and speaking skills in preparation for an academic program with a business focus (Listening and Speaking).

Other services

At WAL, we provide other services – most of them free – in addition to language instruction, to help students better adjust to life and school here in Seattle and the US. These services include:

  • Orientation: a special meeting for new students, to introduce you to our program.
  • Placement testing: For only $50, we offer the ITEP test to find out which of our seven levels will be the best fit for students.
  • Academic and personal counseling: A dedicated advisor is on hand to speak with you about any challenges you may experience.
  • Conversation Partner Program: An opportunity to practice speaking during a weekly conversation session with a US student who is studying your native language, so both of you can benefit from the exchange.
  • Activities: Learning opportunities outside the classroom, like a potluck lunch, a Super Bowl party or a trip to a nearby Seattle attraction.
  • Volunteer Placement: A chance to practice English in a different context while doing something you love, such as helping at a hospital or a food bank.
  • And more!